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Cyclones to Start Summer Swing at Great Plains Alliance Tournament - St. Cloud
The Cyclones will begin a three week summer journey by playing in the Great Plains Alliance Tournament in  St. Cloud on July 1 and 2. The green and purple will open tournament play with a 12:20 matchup at Sartell High School vs the Pentagon Otto
Cyclones Finish Spring Play with a 22-6 Mark.
The Cyclones concluded a successful Spring season by going 2-2 at the North Star Hoops State Tournament, June 3rd-5th.  Tournament play started Friday nite with the team getting off to a decent first half start vs #4 seed Minnesota Heat-Moberg.&
Cyclones Enter NSH State Tournament Play
The Cyclones will return from a two week hiatus by playing in the very competitive North Star Hoops State tournament in the Twin Cities June 3rd-5th.  The 'clones will open tournament play with a 6:30 Friday night contest vs a very good Min
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